Can udyam registration be amended
Can udyam registration be amended

Can udyam registration be amended

In this article we will understand can udyam registration be amended? The answer is yes, you can amend your udyam registration certificate online in just a few minutes. After making the necessary changes you can also download the udyam certificate instantly. 

Who can amend for udyam registration?

All applicants with UAM (udyog aadhar memorandum number) or URN (udyam registration number) issued by a body within the Ministry of MSME in India, can amend for udyam registration. No business is allowed to submit more than one Udyam Registration. 

What is the Document needed to amend the Udyam registration certificate online?

Gather the necessary documents before amending your Udyam registration certificate online. The required documents to update your Udyam registration certificate online are listed below.

  • The correct Udyam Registration Number in this format is UDYAM-XX-00-0123456
  • Your registered email address and registered phone number for the OTP verification process

You should have anyone registered email address or phone number for amending your udyam registration online. 

What are the categories on the Udyam registration portal that cannot be amended?

Some important categories cannot be amended after the full udyam registration is complete.

These are the things that cannot be changed 

  • The Name Of The Applicant
  • District
  • State 
  • Written Down Value
  • Total Investment
  • Type of Enterprises
  • Aadhar Number

How to amend udyam registration certificate?

Here is the easy and simple online process to amend udyam registration certificate, just by sitting in your office. Follow these 5 steps so you can instantly amend your udyam registration certificate in less time.

Step 1: Visit the official website of udyam registration portal

Step 2: Select the button update udyam registration certificate tab

Step 3: Fill out the udyam registration form to amend your certificates like your Udyam registration number, name of the applicant, mobile no, and email Id. 

Step 4: Also choose the registered email address and mobile number where you want to get your OTP. Your registered email address or mobile number will receive the OTP.

Step 5: Udyam Representatives will then assess your request and accept your application.

Step 6: An updated udyam certificate will be delivered to your registered email address after the verification.


Note: You will be required to share the OTP with representatives after it has been verified in order to continue the online verification process.

You should be aware that the names, states, and Aadhaar numbers of applicants cannot be changed on the Udyam Registration Certificate. PAN numbers can only be changed in certain circumstances. So before applying for udyam registration do consult a trusted helpline udyam center that can help you and guide you in registering your business under the Ministry of MSME in India.

A business certificate of recognition and a specific number are the only components of Udyam Registration, which is a government authorization. This certification is for small and medium-sized businesses. By following the methods listed above, you can amend your udyam registration certificate as well.

The main goal of the launch of this service was to give the government a way to best serve the small and medium-sized enterprises and industries in India that are registered with MSME.