udyam registration faq
udyam registration faq

Udyam Registration FAQ

Table of Contents

Q1.What is Udyam Registration?

Ans. Under the Indian Government of the Ministry of MSME, Udyam registration is a new method of registering a business in MSME Department of India. 

Q2.What is the validity of existing EM Part-II or UAM?

Ans. All existing MSME registered under EM Part-II or UAM (udyog aadhaar memorandum) on or before 30 June 2020 will have their registration valid until 31 March 2021. If an established business does not convert by March 31, 2021, it will be suspended or banned.

Q3. What are the documents required for Udyam Registration?

Ans. Self-declaration is the only way to register for Udyam. Udyam registration does not necessitate the submission of any physical papers. The Aadhaar number, GST number and PAN number is the only document required.

Q4. What are the benefits of Udyam Registration?

Ans. The Indian government has offered several advantages. Collateral bank loans, international trade fairs, and electrical power bill concessions are just a few of them. Read Udyam Certificate Benefits for more information.

Q5. Is the Old Udyog Aadhar still working?

Ans. Yes, the old Udyog Aadhar certificate (UAM) continues to function. The Indian government has made a number of services available for Udyog Aadhaar holders on the new udyam registration portal. 

Update Udyog Aadhaar

Print (UAM) Udyog Aadhaar Certificate

Print UAM Application 

Verify Udyog Aadhaar

Forgot UAM Number

We recommend that you re-register as udyam.

Q6. Can the Old Udyog Aadhar be updated?

Ans. Yes, the Old Udyog Aadhar can be updated. For that you should have Udyog Aadhaar Number and the registered mobile number and email id. 

You can update your old UAM (Udyog Aadhaar Memorandum)/ Udyog Aadhaar registration certificate here: Click here to update

Q7. Is PAN and GSTIN mandatory for UDYAM Registration?

Ans. Yes, PAN and GSTIN is mandatory for UDYAM registration for any entity who wants to register their MSME business.

Q8. Who can apply for Udyam Registration?

Ans. Any business who wants to establish their own Micro, Small, or Medium Enterprise, under the Government of India. Whether it’s a Private Limited Company, a Public Limited Company, a Partnership Firm, or a Proprietorship Firm, can register with Udyam.

Q9. Can a Trader apply for Udyam registration?

Ans. Yes, Traders are eligible to apply for Udyam Registration. To apply, go to this link.

Q10. What is the process of Udyam registration?

Ans. Any business individual may register immediately by visiting the Udyam registration website. The process is very simple to register under UDYAM in a short period of time by following these steps.

Step 1: Visit the Udyam Registration Portal

Step 2: Fill all the details on the Udyam Registration application Form.

Step 3: Make the online payment for your Udyam Certification

Step 4: One of the registration manager will process your Udyam registration application

Step 5: In 1-2 working days you will receive your Udyam certificate in your registered email address

Q11.What are the Uses of Udyam registration certificates?

Ans. The certificate grants firms registered with Udyam preferential access to the government’s scheme and programmes. It connects businesses directly to the government database, allowing them to get benefits more quickly and conveniently.

Q.12. Can more than one UDYAM registration be done on the same PAN?

Ans. One can not take more than one UDYAM registration certificate with a single PAN card number.

Q.13. What is the validity of the Udyam Certificate?

Ans. According to government regulations, the Udyam Certificate is valid for as long as the owner is alive and the business is still operating..

Q14. How long does it take to get the Udyam Certificate?

Ans. We give Udyam Certificate within 1-2 business days. We have a team of professional experts that will expedite the processing of your application.

Q15. What is the Udyam Certificate Number?

Ans, The UDYAM certificate number is a 12-digit number that looks like this: UDYAM-XX-00-0000000.

Q16. Is Udyog Aadhaar and UDYAM the same?

Ans. UDYAM is a newer version of Udyog Aadhaar that offers additional benefits and a simpler registration procedure. And yes, they are the same. 

Q17. What is the NIC Code for Udyam Registration?

Ans. The NIC code is a unique business code that is issued by the government department in order to allocate and track the business activities of micro, small, and medium-sized businesses.

Q18. How many NIC codes can one add to one UDYAM registration?

Ans. For UDYAM registration, a maximum of 10 NIC codes can be added..

Q19. How to print a UDYAM registration certificate?

Ans. Simply fill out the online form to print a UDYAM registration certificate, and the certificate will be sent to the registered email address. Click here to continue.

Q20. What is the new turnover criteria for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises?

Ans. The following are the turnover requirements for both the manufacturing and service sectors:-

For manufacturing Sector-

Micro Enterprise- Upto Rs. 25 lakhs

Small Enterprise- Rs. 25 lakhs – 5 crores

Medium Enterprise- Rs. 5 crores – 10 crores

For a service organisation-

Micro Enterprise- Upto Rs. 10 lakhs

Small Enterprise- Upto Rs. 10 lakhs – 2 crores

Medium Enterprise- Rs. 2 crores – 5 crores

Q21. What is the difference between MSME and Udyam Registration?

Ans. Except for certain recent improvements made by the government to help enterprises, MSME and Udyam Registration remain the same. The most significant difference is

You will need your aadhar card, which is connected to your cell phone number, to register in Udyam. Previously, we could apply for Udyog Aadhar without attaching our aadhar cards, however this is no longer the case.

Q22. What do I do if I forget my Udyam Registration Number?

Ans. If you’ve misplaced or forgotten your Udyam Registration Number, check your registered email address inbox, which you should have changed in your Udyam application Number. 

If you are still unable to get your Udyam registration number, then please contact us.

Q23. Can I print my Udyog Aadhaar Certificate?

Ans. Yes,Your Udyog Certificate (UAM) can be printed. All you have to do is click here.

Q24. What are the chances of rejection of the applicant?

Ans. The chances of rejection on the udyam registration depends on the individual. The Udyam Certificate will be given to each applicant; all you have to do is input the information accurately.

Q25.What are the fees of Udyam registration?

Ans. The cost of registering for Udyam varies based on the entity. We assist entrepreneurs in obtaining an Udyam registration at a low rate. You can get in touch with us for a hassle-free Udyam Registration.

Q26. Will a physical copy of the Udyam Certificate be issued?

Ans. A physical copy of the Udyam Certificate will not be provided. You can print the Udyam Certificate that was emailed to you.

Q27. Why do I need to update Udyog Aadhaar?

Ans. Prior to the start of Udyam registration, a large number of documents were necessary in order to register as an MSME. The government, on the other hand, has made the procedure simple by making the papers available solely through self-declaration. You may take advantage of the Ministry of MSME’s many perks by registering as Udyam.

Need help to update udyog aadhaar certificate to udyam certificate then click here. 

Q28. Is there any offline service to apply for Udyam Registration?

Ans, No, there is no offline service for Udyam Registration. Every step of the registration procedure is completed online. You may apply for an Udyam certificate by clicking here.

Q29. Can I cancel my Udyam Certificate?

Ans. Yes, you have a certain amount of time to cancel your Udyam Certificate. All you have to do now is click here and fill out the form.

Q30. Who should migrate from Udyog Aadhaar to Udyam Registration?

Ans. Any business that has previously registered for Udyog Aadhaar must move to Udyam Registration before the deadline. It is a requirement for all current MSME-registered businesses.

Q31. Can I register more than one MSME using a single Aadhaar Card?

Ans. Yes, you may apply for several Udyams with the same Aadhaar Card, however each PAN must be different.

Q32. Can we add new NIC codes and, or, plants in old Udyog Aadhaar Memorandum (UAM)?

Ans. Yes, NIC codes and plants can be added and removed as needed. The old UAM will be updated when needed.

Q33. Can I update the UDYAM already taken?

Ans. On the MSME UDYAM Portal, a company having a UDYAM Registration Number can update its information on a self-declaration basis.

Q34. When did udyam registration start?

Ans. Udyam registration has been started from 06th JULY, 2020.

Q35. Is a manufacturer license required if you have a UDYAM registration?

Ans. Yes you must have Factory License/ Manufacturing License, if you are into manufacturing business. After that you can apply for Udyam registration certificate.

Q36. I want to add another unit in my UDYAM certificate What to do?

Ans. Yes you can add another enterprises unit in your udyam registration certificate. There is an option to add plant/ business name/ enterprise unit. Need help in adding another unit, please do reach us.

Q37. I’d like to start a new company line selling vehicle spare parts & components. Is it necessary to obtain a UDYAM certificate?

Ans. Yes it is mandatory for any business in India who falls under the new definition of MSME and should get their business registered under the Ministry of MSME. As it provide lots of additional benefits and financial help. Do check the article on 25 MSME Udyam Registration Benefits, and all the Indian small and medium business enterprises should avail these benefits.

Q38. Singer can apply for UDYAM certificate?

Ans. Yes, they can apply if they are running some kind of business.

Q39. Same aadhar no same pan no it is possible to register second company name with UDYAM registration?

Ans. No you cant register again with the same aadhaar number and same pan number. As it is already registered with that name. If you are looking to edit/ update/ make correction on udyam registration certificate that you can do it.

Q40. Can we edit bank details in UDYAM registration?

Yes. now there is an option of updating the Udyam registration certificate online. Login with your Udyam Regn Number and mobile number. Proceed to Edit details and simply scroll down to bank account number box. Delete your old bank details and Type your new bank account details like account number, bank name and bank ifsc code. Click to Proceed to save at the bottom. Then you can Print Updated Application & Certificate.

We are sure you’ve understood some of the common msme udyam registration faq (frequently asked question), as well as the advantages and differences. Please contact us using the contact form if you have any more queries regarding MSME Udyam Registration online.