25 MSME Udyam Registration Benefits
25 MSME Udyam Registration Benefits

25 MSME Udyam Registration Benefits – Udyam Benefits

Every businessman, entrepreneurs should know the MSME udyam registration benefits.

In this blog we have explained some of the top msme udyam benefits and everything that you should know about msme udyam registration. 

Read further to know about benefits of udyam registration certificate

Udyam Registration classifies your business as a Micro, Small, or Medium Enterprise (MSME) based on its income and investments. The government establishes policies for MSME industries in response to these registrations, and your company will only benefit from these policies if you have registered under Udyam.

It is an Indian government registration that grants small, medium, and large firms or enterprises recognition. A twelve-digit Unique Identification Number (URN) appears on the Udyam registration certificate. It is usually called Aadhaar for business under MSME.

With effect from July 1, 2020, the Central Government developed specific criteria for designating businesses as micro, small, and medium enterprises, as well as the form and method for submitting the memorandum (Udyam Registration), based on the suggestions of the Advisory Committee.

The Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises issues the Udyam registration certificate in an effort to help small and medium businesses. 

Let’s look at some of the top 25 advantages of Udyam Registration for MSME’s.

Benefits Of Obtaining Udyam Registration Certificate

  1. The company owners are eligible for octroi and tax concessions under state rules.
  2. Request a waiver of stamp duty and registration expenses.
  3. Overdrafts are exempt from a 1% interest charge.
  4. Eligible for NSIC and credit ratings subsidy, as well as IPS subsidy.
  5. Compensation for getting the ISO certificate will be reimbursed.
  6. MSME and SSI have reserved items for exclusive production.
  7. Take advantage of the Excise Exemption Scheme.
  8. Special exception while applying for government contracts.
  9. Exemption from direct taxation.
  10. Bank Mortgages and Bank Business Loans are simple to obtain
  11. Because the interest rate on bank loans is so low (up to 1.5 percent lower than on ordinary loans), they become more feasible.
  12. It becomes easier to get permits, approvals, and registrations, regardless of the area of the company, because businesses registered with Udyam (MSME) are given priority for government licences and certification.
  13. Tariff, tax, and capital incentives are all available to registered Udyam’s.
  14. The rate of interest Bank Loan Subsidies
  15. Protection against late payments, as well as material and service deliveries
  16. Ease of getting registrations, licenses, and permissions.
  17. MSME CLCSS eligibility is granted to registered entities (credit linked capital subsidy scheme)
  18. Patent registration is eligible for a subsidy.
  19. Eligibility for the Industrial Promotion Subsidy (IPS)
  20. Collateral can be obtained in its entirety through special banks provide free loans
  21. Special attention is paid to international trade fairs
  22. Barcode Registration Subsidy
  23. Eligible for Government Tenders and Departmental works 
  24. Monthly concession in electricity bills
  25. Company branding as MSME certified 

Simple procedure for obtaining the Udyam Registration certificate and registered your business under the Indian ministry of MSME, and avail all the benefits.

If you want to know what is Udyam, then check this blog. 

Any businessmen who wants to start a micro, small, or medium business can use the Udyam Registration website to complete a self-declaration Udyam Registration.

If you want assistance in obtaining Udyam Registration certificate then fill out the Udyam application form, upload your documents, make the payment, talk to our manager and rest will be assured in getting your Udyam registration certificate. 

You will be assigned a dedicated Compliance Manager by Udyam registration private consultancy. All you have to do is fill out the application form with the relevant information, and our Compliance Manager will do the rest.
If you need help at any time, our dedicated Compliance Manager is available to answer any queries you may have, which you can also send through your udyam registration contact form.

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