write for us business
write for us business

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Please contact us for guesting posting information. We are accepting FREE guest post with link exchange. If you agree with these terms then you need to send your guest post topic on helplineudyam@gmail.com

Individual related to financial, accounting background are invited to contribute high-quality content to the udyam registration blog by writing for us.

Original papers (not previously published) containing information based on your professional experiences and skills are accepted.

Before submitting articles, please read our guest writing rules of udyam registration form.

Free Business Guest Posting Website

Our udyam community is a rapidly expanding startup business website with users seeking for startup news, articles, and stories. Reaching an audience of that size and class is every our ambition.

As a result, we’re giving businesses a fantastic chance to gain exposure and a platform to showcase their business startup narrative or content. Submit your important information to our prestigious site.

Quality, not quantity, is, of course, our top concern, and we don’t skimp on it.


Write for Us! Business Guest Posting Opportunities


Why would you write a business guest post?

There are a variety of reasons why guest posting is such an important blogging technique.

It broadens your reach to new people who may have never heard of you or your work before. They will click on your link and read more of your material if you publish fascinating, engaging articles about themes that are relevant to them.

You will obtain a backlink to your site as a result of guest blogging, which will boost your search engine rating. This is seen by Google and other search engines as a recommendation for your website. Experts believe that guest posting benefits your site’s SEO (search engine optimization) 6 times more than writing on your own site.

Do you have knowledge on a business subject that you’d like to share with our readers? These are an excellent method to share your knowledge and advise with others in order to help them establish, expand, and manage their businesses and finances.


Guest Post / Blogs / Article topics we welcome

You can write an article that relates to these categories

Corporate responsibility


Office Eithics

Company accountability

Business Accounting


Market Capitalism

Government Budget

Business Law

Government Schemes

Business Research

Business Growth

Stock Market







Guideline Submission

Only content that is original, distinctive relevant, and well-written will be considered. If you’ve already published this article somewhere else, don’t bother submitting it here; we verify it for plagiarism using paid tool and Google before publishing!

Title should be 50-60 characters.

Description should be be 150-160 character limit.

Guest Posts content should be between 1200-1500 words.

The content should be simple to read and broken down into parts with subheadings.

We enjoy lists, tutorials, and small business tips.

Finally, all of the links in the post should be to high-quality, relevant websites.

1 link per 1500 words is optimal. We will provide dofollow backlink to your website.

1-2 images can be added in webp format. 

Please provide a byline for the author.

We appreciate your backlink to our website.

How to submit Business Guest Post

Please submit your essay and author bio to helplineudyam@gmail.com once you’ve double-checked that all of the above criteria have been satisfied.

We will publish any articles that comply with the above standards, but we retain the right to reject any items that do not. We also retain the right to make changes to articles as needed to enhance the reader’s experience.

Within one week of publication, a small admin charge must be paid, or else we can exchange links with each other.

Steps to follow before sending your guest post article to us.

  1. Share your 5 topics related to business, finance and startup (50-60 character limit only) via email.

  2. After the approval of the topic proceed with writing SEO friendly content adding the focus keywords and helping keywords on the article. 

  3. After through review of the guest post content our udyam team will make your content live on our udyam registration website within 24 hours. 

  4. Our udyam team will email you with guest post live link, if you need any further changes then you can email us. 

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What you will from Guest post?

Once the guest post is published on our site, you will be given a live Dofollow backlink URL. Organic traffic transfer from our site to yours. Your website domain authority and page authority will increase. And also brand awareness. We will post your approved content within 1 ONE day. And also revert back to you via email regarding guesting posting details.

Each article will be read and reviewed before we answer within 24 hours. Please keep in mind that we only accept content that follows our editorial guidelines and criteria.

If your guest post is chosen, our editorial team may request additional edits, such as photographs, links, changes to information, sources, and so on. Final revisions will be made by our editorial team before it is published.

If your guest post is not chosen, it simply means that it is not a good fit for our audience or did not meet our editorial standards. You cannot appeal a denial, but you may submit a new article for consideration.

We will also promote specific articles via our networks, social media, and other methods, we also encourage you to share your guest post with your audience via social media.