Cancellation of Udyam Registration
Cancellation of Udyam Registration

Cancellation of Udyam Registration

We have discussed how to cancel Udyam registration using the Udyam registration number (URN), email address, and registered phone number in this article.

The Udyam registration platform was created to make the MSME registration process easier. 

For MSME Udyam Registration, the Ministry of MSME has created a paperless registration process. 

It is a completely online process where you can easily register your business or cancel your business under the udyam registration portal.

Many businesses, however, wanted to know if it was possible to permanently Cancellation of Udyam registration. This blog explains to you how to cancel your Udyam registration.

Today, Udyam Registration is quite important for Indian enterprises. 

This has been compulsory after the Micro, Small, and Medium business registration procedure (formerly known as Udyog Aadhaar Registration) was updated, regardless of whether it is a small or midsize enterprise.

Earlier, the cancellation procedure for MSME Registration required the completion of the Entrepreneurship Memorandum-I and Entrepreneurship Memorandum-II with the appropriate District Industrial Center under the Ministry of MSME Scheme. There was no online method in place to complete this procedure.

But now the Ministry of MSME, made this Udyam registration portal for all the purope where businesses can register themselves, Terminate, or make changes in their certification. 

Documents required to cancel Udyam registration

These papers must be present before starting with the cancellation process of udyam registration online.

  • Registration Number for Udyam (URN – Udyam registration number)
  • Registered Email Address or Registered Mobile Number (which is used for Udyam registration)

How to Cancel Your Udyam Registration

Cancelling Udyam Registration is not a difficult task. Simply follow the steps outlined below to cancel your Udyam registration quickly.

Step 1: Go to the Udyam website and click cancel udyam registration tab.

Step 2: Enter your Udyam Registrations Number (URN), registered mobile number, and email address that you used to register for Udyam.

Step 3: Following that, you may select the registered cellphone number or email address from which you wish to get your OTP. OTP will be delivered to your registered cellphone number or email address. And then pay for the application procedure.

Step 4: You will then get an automated cancellation notice on your registered email address within 1-2 working hours.

You now have a thorough understanding of how to terminate your Udyam registration.

Note: Also, after you receive the OTP (by cell phone or email), you must share it with the assistance manager for further processing.

Udyam Registration Cancellation Online

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