Let's Plan a Summer Trip to a Different Type of Beach for Fresh Air, Comfort, and Lazing Around!
Let's Plan a Summer Trip to a Different Type of Beach for Fresh Air, Comfort, and Lazing Around!

Let’s Plan a Summer Trip to a Different Type of Beach for Fresh Air, Comfort, and Lazing Around!

Choosing a destination for a summer retreat doesn’t have to be too much work when you know what you desire to immerse yourself with. If comfort and slowing down is your idea of vacationing this year, you can head to the idyllic Yachats town. As you travel to this laid-back beach location, you will come across the Oregon Coastal Range’s temperate rainforest and the Pacific Ocean’s mighty waves. Once you reach the spot, you will be surrounded by the goodness of a quiet sanctuary abounding with lots of outdoor adventure options too. There will be ocean viewpoints, reclaimed green spaces dotting the trails, shops, restaurants, and galleries. And whether you go here with a romantic date, family, or friends, the healthy air will allow you to make the most of your time in this peaceful village.

If you want to confirm the cleanliness of the air, check Mybiosource. It shows an AQI of 21 for this specific place. A 0-50 AQI reflects the fresh air; lower numbers are always better. So, Yachats, indeed, is good in that sense. It’s time to check other sides of this holiday spot.

A Different Type of Coastline

Yachats emerge as a rugged Central Oregon coastline amid the luscious Siuslaw National Forest. It presents you with a different beach spectacle than the coastal towns of the north that mostly flaunt only sandy expanse. When you walk through Yachats Beach, the sight of rolling waves against the rough black basalt rock will treat your eyes. Some believe this town of hardly 700 population can be only a size of a few blocks, but its charm excels everything else. Even reputed travel publications and media figures recognized it as one of the most remarkable American small towns and one of the top 10 places in the world. 

Nevertheless, the dramatic aesthetic of the Yachats shoreline makes it ideal for leisurely walks. You will be on the 804 Trail, which views the tumultuous coastal waters. You can pursue that by pausing and capturing the scenery or sunset. You continue through the seven miles of sandy stretch on the Oregon Coast Trail on the north. Moving south, you will be on Amanda’s Trail to the scenic Cape Perpetua. Hiking the Amanda’s Trail will be slightly tricky, but the sights of wildflowers and the coastal view will keep you going.

Tidepools with Marine Life and Seabirds

As you walk through the 804 Trail, a small state park, Smelt & Sands State Recreation Site, will appear. Please don’t expect sand here. It is well known for tidepools full of aquatic life and seabirds. The shoreline will also have driftwood strewn all over. If you are lucky, you can also discover agate. Sunset is the high point.

Forest Trekking

Yachats’s new trail, the Ya’Xaik, near Highway 101, enjoys the surroundings of the Siuslaw National Forest, rich in thick pines. The loop trail is 1.5 miles with an elevation of 190 feet. You can start your journey from the apartment complex Fisterra Gardens’s backside, close to the Gerdemann Botanic Preserve.

Yachats in Oregon can appear slumberous at first sight, but its fresh air and excellent trails will keep your energy high and clean. You can rest and be active at your disposal. 

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