How To Open HDFC Bank Account Online
How To Open HDFC Bank Account Online

How To Open HDFC Bank Account Online

In this article understand and learn how to open HDFC bank account online, zero balance, Instaaccount in an easy and quick way without leaving your home. Also check the documents required, eligibility criteria, benefits & tips.

The most frequent sort of account to choose when beginning a banking adventure is a Savings Account. A new Savings Account’s objective is to encourage thrift and the practise of setting aside a portion of one’s earnings.

You may apply online to open a Savings Account with HDFC Bank and take advantage of a variety of perks and special offers that come with the various options. The procedure of creating an online savings account is quick and straightforward, and it can be finished in just a few minutes.

With rising digitisation in practically every field, including banking, an account holder may now access their Savings Account 24 hours a day, seven days a week via NetBanking or our mobile app, in addition to HDFC Bank’s extensive network of branches and ATMs. 

You may also take advantage of specific Debit Card discounts and offers, such as lifestyle and healthcare advantages, among other things. Some HDFC Bank Savings Account types also provide benefits such as unrestricted cash withdrawals at ATMs and no minimum balance requirement, which adds to the attraction of a Savings Account.

*Digitally open a Regular Savings, Women’s, SavingsMax, Senior Citizens, or DigiSave Youth account.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s past time for you to apply for a New HDFC Bank Savings Account and begin your savings journey.

HDFC is one of the country’s most well-known and widely used banks. It is regarded as one of India’s top banks, with millions of customers around the country.

At HDFC Bank, you may open several different types of accounts. The savings account is one of the most prevalent types of accounts used by consumers.

Having a savings account has several advantages. A savings account allows you to save, deposit, and withdraw a reasonable amount of money at any time.

In just a few minutes, you may open a savings account with HDFC Bank using online verification. Banks have developed a number of technological features that make creating bank accounts simple and painless.

Simply visit the website or download the HDFC Bank InstaAccount from the Playstore. Through their contactless Video KYC, which is faster and easier than ever, you may open a Savings Account without leaving your bed.

As long as you have a functional mobile phone number and an Aadhaar number, opening a savings account online is straightforward and quick. Simply fill in the needed information and verify your identity using your Aadhar card.

When you open an HDFC Bank savings account online, you will instantly obtain your account number and client ID. Net/MobileBanking is enabled by default, and once the account is fully operational, you may handle all of your transactions and cash withdrawals online.

With HDFC Bank InstaAccount, you should utilise COVID-19 to evaluate your end-to-end digital account opening skills.

A savings account is a place where you may put aside a portion of your earnings. A savings account is liquid in the sense that you can withdraw money up to a certain amount at any moment throughout the month. A savings bank, unlike a current account, pays interest. As a result, you may use ATMs, Netbanking, MobileBanking, and PhoneBanking to access your savings account 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Aside from that, the debit card that comes with your savings account gives you amazing deals and benefits. HDFC savings accounts may be opened in one of two ways: online or offline. You can select any of them based on your preferences.

How To Open HDFC Bank Account Online

These are the following procedures to open an HDFC Saving Bank Account online, follow these processes step by step.

Note: Use your smartphone to open an HDFC bank account online, as it will be easy for video KYC. 

Step 1: Go to HDFC Bank’s official website, APPLY FOR HDFC ACCOUNT ONLINE.

Step 2: You will find this page of HDFC which says “OPEN A SAVINGS ACCOUNT WITH INDIA’S NO. 1* BANK INSTANTLY”. 

Step 3: Then Click the OK Button Down.

Step 4: Click on “Open Account Now”.

Step 5: Enter your mobile number and click continue.

Step 6: You find a new interface (new page).

Step 7: Again enter your phone number, PAN number or Date of Birth and captcha code and click continue. 

Step 8: Enter the 6 digit OTP sent on your mobile number and then click verify and proceed. 

Step 9: Then you select the KYC documents, there are 4 options: Aadhaar Card, Passport, Driving License, Voter ID. Select any one.

We recommend you to select an Aadhaar card, as it makes the procedure a bit fast. And get your account number right away by validating your Aadhar card with an OTP! And then Click the Proceed button.

Step 10: Then you will find HDFC Bank terms and Condition files, review it and then Click Agree button

Step 11: Then you have to fill the document number i.e. your aadhaar number. Then enter your Aadhaar number and click proceed, then enter the aadhaar verification OTP. Which will Authenticate with an Aadhaar card.

Step 12: Then you have to select HDFC account type, so select a saving account under that regular saving.  Then click the proceed button

Step 13: Then you have to select the Account and Branch Section, so enter your state, city name and branch name.  Then click the proceed button

Step 14: After this enter your personal details. Enter your full name as on Aadhaar card, email id, upload your recent photograph, Date of birth, Marital status, Fathers name and mother name. Then click the proceed button

Step 15: Here you enter your occupation details. Enter your occupation type, source of funds, gross annual income. Then click the proceed button

Step 16: After this you mention your residential address. Click both the check box for mailing and permanent address, if you are having the same address.  Then click the proceed button

Step 17: Then fill out the extended KYC form like state of birth and city of birth.  Do not click any check box for tax address status.

Then click the submit button.

Step 18: Then you will find the Video KYC section review and accept the terms and conditions.

Then click the Agree and Continue button

Step 19: Then you will find the confirmation of the HDFC account created successfully. Below that you will find your HDFC Account number, Customer ID, and IFSC Code.

Then you can add funds to your new HDFC account minimum Rs 5000 – Maximum Rs 50,000. (it is optional you can add it later)

Step 20: Below you will find a section which states that “complete your video KYC through video now”. Click the “start video KYC” button. (Use your smartphone for easy process)

After this HDFC agent will contact you and verify your details.

Allow your mobile phone’s location, camera, and microphone to be accessed by the bank.

Make a video call with a Bank representative.

For verification, show your genuine PAN card.

During the conversation, a Bank representative will take your picture.

Your KYC is verified once more. When your KYC is complete and your account is functioning, you’ll receive an email message.

The video call will be done via HDFC Link which is provided within 7 days of the account being opened.

Within 1-4 week all your HDFC documents like, ATM card, Passbook will be courier to your residential address.  

Important Question for Video KYC. 

What are the requirements for a successful Video-KYC?

1. A good internet network

2. PAN Card (original)

3. Aadhaar Card (original)

4. A white sheet of paper with a blank side and a blue or black pen

Is it necessary to have an Aadhaar number for Video-KYC?

Your Aadhaar number is required for Video KYC. To get an Aadhaar OTP, your cellphone number must be registered with UIDAI. The bank will verify information such as your name, picture, and address after it receives the Aadhaar details.

What are the safety precautions that customers should take?

1. Do not provide anybody else the Video KYC link that you get on your phone.

2. Only use the URL provided on the account opening page or the link supplied by HDFC Bank to connect for Video KYC.

3. Keep your Aadhaar number private. On the Video KYC call, HDFC Bank representatives would never ask you to provide your Aadhaar data.

At the start of the conversation, you can ask the agents to show you their identification card to confirm their legitimacy. You may even write down their employee ID number and name.

​​​​​​​Is it safe to use Video-KYC?

There are several reasons to believe that the Video KYC procedure is secure.

The integrity of the Video KYC process is ensured by the use of cutting-edge technology.

The Bank is the only one who initiates the audio-visual interaction, which clients must click on.

All accounts created this way are subject to verification and will only be active after a comprehensive assessment.

How to Open Account in HDFC Bank

Step 1: Take your original and copies of KYC papers to the nearest HDFC Bank office.

Step 2: Complete the application form by filling in all of the relevant information.

Step 3: Attach a photocopy of all of the papers specified.

Step 4: When you’ve finished filling out the form, hand it over to the counter.

Step 5: A bank official will check the information you gave in the form.

Step 6: Your account will be enabled after it has been approved.

HDFC Bank Account Opening Documents Required

These are the documents required for opening an HDFC bank account offline. When an individual applies to open a savings account with HDFC Bank, he or she must provide the following documents.

  • Passport, driver’s licence, voter’s ID card, and other forms of identification are acceptable.
  • Passport, driver’s licence, or voter registration card are all acceptable forms of proof of address.
  • PAN card
  • Form 16 (only if PAN card is not available)
  • 2 latest passport size photographs
  • Qualification certificate (Optional)

Eligibility of opening Savings Account in HDFC

To start a savings account with HDFC, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Individual or joint accounts are available to Indian citizens.
  • Hindu Undivided Family is also eligible to open an account.
  • A self-operated account can be opened by minors above the age of ten.
  • Foreign nationals who have been in India for more than 180 days canopen an account if they have a valid passport, visa, FRRO Certificate, and Residential Permit.

Minimum balance in an HDFC savings account

A minimum initial deposit of Rs 10,000 is required for urban branches, Rs 5,000 for semi-urban branches, and Rs 2,500 for rural branches to start a Savings Regular Account.

For urban branches, a minimum average monthly balance of Rs 10,000 is required, while semi-urban branches must maintain a balance of Rs 5000. For rural branches, a minimum average quarterly balance of Rs 2500 or a Fixed Deposit of Rs 10,000 for a minimum period of 1 year 1 day is required.

Features of an HDFC Savings Account

An HDFC savings account has the following features:

Passbook: Individuals who open a savings account will receive a free passbook.

Simple transaction: You may make payments from your savings account using a variety of Net Banking services. You may also use your account to pay for your utilities like energy, phone, and water.

Access to ATMs and Debit Cards: Your account will come with an ATM/Debit card that you may use at any of the bank’s ATM locations.

Mobile and online banking: With net banking, you can keep track of all your bank statements as well as send and receive money. And you can do it all from your computer or smartphone.

Free cash and check deposits at any branch: The banks will also provide you with the standard account services. This also covers services like cash and check deposits, which may be made at any bank location.

Payment Gateway: You may make online payments with your ATM or debit card.

Perks of being an HDFC Bank customer
Perks of being an HDFC Bank customer

What to Consider Before Opening a Savings Account with HDFC Bank

Individuals should investigate some features of the account before creating one with HDFC Bank to determine whether it is right for them. They are as follows:

Customers must examine the interest rate on deposits for that specific savings account. The interest rate determines your return on deposits, therefore understanding it before selecting a savings account is critical.

Customers must first review the savings account’s minimum balance requirement to determine whether it fits their budget. Simultaneously, it’s a good idea to double-check the penalty costs for failing to maintain the minimum balance, just to be safe.

Customers should double-check their account’s daily transaction and withdrawal limits.

The applicant should examine if there are any additional fees for cash withdrawals made using checks, as well as the monthly withdrawal limit at ATMs other than HDFC Bank.

Quick and simple HDFC Savings Account Opening Online
Open an Instant Savings/Salary Account via HDFC Bank InstaAccount

Savings Account Holders At HDFC Bank: Safety Tips

If you believe a transaction was made without your permission, you should inform your bank right once.

After you’ve established the account, make sure your account password and PIN are never shared by email, SMS, or social media.

Regularly review your bank statements to check if there has been any fraudulent activity and to keep track of your finances – both in and out of your account.

If your debit card is lost or stolen, you should immediately block it through your net banking account or call HDFC Bank customer service to have it done for you.

On online merchant websites, don’t save your bank account information. Also, make sure you close the page as soon as you’ve made an online purchase, and only shop on safe websites.

Open HDFC Saving Account

     Last Updated 07th Oct 2021 

Interest Rate 3.00% – 3.50%
Minimum Balance Requirement Rs. 10,000 for metro Urban branches Rs. 5,000 For Semi Urban branches Rs. 2,500 for Rural branches is required to open a Savings Regular Account
Cash Withdrawal Limit
ATM Transaction Charges
Debit Card Millennia Debit card, Rupay Premium Debit Card

HDFC Bank Customer Care Number

Cities Customer Care Number
Pune 6160-6161
Patna 1860-266 6161
Mumbai 6160-6161
Lucknow 6160-616
Kolkata 6160-6161
Kochi 6160-616
Jaipur 6160-616
Indore 6160-616
Hyderabad 6160-6161
Delhi / NCR 6160-6161
Chennai 6160-6161
Chandigarh 6160-616
Bengaluru 6160-6161
Ahmedabad 6160-6161

Customers can call the HDFC Bank toll-free number – 1800 266 4332 – for credit card-related questions.

How do I start an HDFC savings account?

You may start a savings account with HDFC by applying online or visiting a local bank and completing your application form.

Is it possible to open an HDFC savings account online?

Yes, you may start a savings account online by filling out an application on the HDFC website.

What is the minimum HDFC balance?

For metro Urban branches, a minimum balance of Rs. 10,000 is required to establish a savings account with HDFC. 5,000 rupees To start a Savings Regular Account, a deposit of Rs. 2,500 is required for Semi Urban branches and Rs. 2,500 for Rural branches.

How to open an HDFC account offline?

To open an HDFC account offline, you must go to your nearest branch, then ask for the application to the general counter, and complete the application form, and submit the required documents.

How to open an HDFC account on mobile?

To open an HDFC Bank Savings account online click here to apply.

What are the HDFC bank salary account opening documents required?

To open an HDFC bank salary account you require these documents.

  • An application form that has been completed.
  • Valid passport, voter ID card, PAN card, permanent driving licence, Aadhar card, and NREGA employment card are examples of identity and address evidence.
  • Passport-size photos taken recently

In today’s world, convenience is key, and using digital techniques to do jobs makes this feasible. HDFC Bank, committed to its aim of making banking simple and convenient, now allows you to create a Savings or Corporate Salary Bank account by completing a Video KYC as per RBI requirements. HDFC Bank executives are accessible from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on all days, excluding Sundays and public holidays, to assist you with your Video KYC.

Open your HDFC Bank InstaAccount here now!