Udyam Registration for Event Management Company Online Process
Udyam Registration for Event Management Company Online Process

Udyam Registration for Event Management Company Online Process

We are happy you have chosen to read our thorough guide on Udyam registration for event management businesses. We understand the importance of a smooth Udyam registration procedure for your event management company because we are in the event management industry. We will go through the necessary procedures and technicalities of Udyam registration in this article so that you have everything you need to manage this significant part of your company operation.

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Understanding Udyam Registration

Udyam registration, introduced by the Government of India, holds immense importance for businesses operating in various sectors, including event management. It is a process that enables your event management company to be recognized and classified under the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME) category. This classification can open up doors to numerous benefits, such as financial assistance, subsidies, and access to various schemes.

The MSME Udyam portal will generate an e-certificate along with a unique 19-digit identification number (e.g., UDYAM-XX-00-0000000) subsequent to the successful completion of the online registration process. This issuance serves as an authorization, fostering and advancing the growth of these enterprises by offering an array of benefits and opportunities.

The entire registration process operates under the guidance of the Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME). The portal is interconnected with various government agencies such as GST, ITR, PAN, and Aadhar. It effectively operates as a permit that facilitates the augmentation of Transport and Logistics Company agencies through the provision of diverse advantages and avenues for expansion.

Classification for Event Management Business as Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)

The classification of MSMEs for Event Management business is based on their investment in plant, machinery, or equipment:

Micro Enterprise: 

Investment in Plant and Machinery or Equipment: Not more than Rs.1 crore and Annual Turnover ; not more than Rs. 5 crore

Small Enterprise: 

Investment in Plant and Machinery or Equipment: Not more than Rs.10 crore and Annual Turnover ; not more than Rs. 50 crore

Medium Enterprise: 

Investment in Plant and Machinery or Equipment: Not more than Rs.50 crore and Annual Turnover ; not more than Rs. 250 crore

Benefits of Udyam Registration for Event Management Companies

1. Financial Support and Credit Facilities

Udyam registration empowers your event management company to avail itself of various financial support mechanisms provided by the government and financial institutions. This includes easier access to business loans, credit facilities, and favorable interest rates, ultimately fostering the growth of your business.

2. Government Tenders and Contracts

With Udyam registration, your event management company becomes eligible to participate in government tenders and contracts. This presents a significant opportunity for expansion and diversification of your clientele, as government events and projects are often large-scale and prestigious.

3. Subsidies and Concessions

The MSME classification gained through Udyam registration can lead to substantial subsidies and concessions on various business expenses, such as electricity, taxes, and more. These concessions directly contribute to reducing operational costs and improving your company’s profitability.

Documents Needed for Event Management Companies

You’ll need the following documents to finish the online MSME Udyam Registration procedure for your event management service company/agency:

  • Aadhaar card of the owner company 
  • PAN card 
  • Address of the business and information about the bank Information on the activity of your Transport and Logistics Company agency 
  • Email and Mobile Number

Note: Your Aadhaar card and cellphone number must be interlinked.

Step-by-Step Guide to Udyam Registration

Step 1: Eligibility Check

Before diving into the registration process, ensure that your event management company meets the eligibility criteria defined by the government. The criteria typically revolve around investment in plant and machinery or equipment.

Step 2: Gather Required Documents

Prepare the necessary documents, including your Aadhaar card, PAN card, business address proof, and details of the business’s activities and investments. These documents are vital for a smooth registration process.

Step 3: Online Registration

Udyam registration is a user-friendly online process. Visit the official government portal for Udyam registration and create an account. Fill in the required details accurately, ensuring that you provide authentic information.

Step 4: Verification

Upon submitting the application, you will receive an acknowledgment with a unique Udyam registration number. The authorities will then verify the provided information. This step may involve scrutiny of the submitted documents.

Step 5: Receive Udyam Certificate

Once the verification is successful, you will receive your Udyam registration certificate. This certificate officially recognizes your event management company as an MSME entity, making you eligible for the associated benefits.

Note: The 6-digit verification OTP is required to continue with the Udyam procedure during the process, and the resultant MSME Udyam registration certificate is valid for the duration of your Transport and Logistics Company agency.

Common Errors During Udyam Registration

For companies looking to take advantage of the perks and advantages provided under the MSME category, Udyam registration is a crucial first step. Like any registration procedure, there are certain frequent mistakes that might unintentionally happen. These possible problems will be highlighted in the following paragraphs, along with helpful advice on how to avoid them.

1. Inaccurate Information

Providing incorrect or inaccurate information during the registration process can lead to delays, rejections, or even legal complications. Ensure that all details, including business name, address, ownership, and investment figures, are accurately entered. Double-check before submitting your application to avoid unnecessary setbacks.

2. Wrong Document Submission

Udyam registration requires specific documents, such as Aadhaar card, PAN card, and business address proof. Submitting incorrect or outdated documents can lead to rejection. Review the document checklist provided on the official portal and make sure all documents are up-to-date and valid.

3. Choosing Incorrect MSME Category

Selecting the wrong MSME category can affect the benefits you’re entitled to. Take time to understand the classification criteria based on investment in plant and machinery or equipment. Classify your business correctly to ensure you receive the appropriate benefits.

4. Incomplete Application

Leaving mandatory fields blank or incomplete can result in rejection. Thoroughly fill out all required sections of the application form. If a particular section is not applicable to your business, clearly indicate that it’s not applicable rather than leaving it blank.

5. Incorrect Investment Calculation

The calculation of investment in plant and machinery or equipment is crucial for determining your MSME category. Errors in calculating this investment can lead to misclassification and subsequently impact the benefits you’re eligible for. Seek professional advice if needed to ensure accurate calculations.

6. Lack of Supporting Documents

Supporting documents play a pivotal role in validating the information provided in your application. Failing to provide adequate supporting documents or providing forged documents can lead to serious consequences. Make sure all submitted documents are genuine and relevant.

7. Ignoring Verification Requests

If your application is selected for verification, promptly respond and provide any additional information or documents requested by the authorities. Ignoring verification requests can lead to rejection or cancellation of your registration.

8. Neglecting to Update Changes

If there are changes in your business details after Udyam registration, such as ownership, location, or business activities, failing to update this information can result in non-compliance. Keep your registration details up-to-date to avoid any discrepancies.

9. Rushing the Process

Udyam registration is a significant step that requires attention to detail. Rushing through the process without carefully reviewing the information and documents can lead to errors. Take your time, review each step, and ensure accuracy.

Udyam registration is a valuable opportunity for businesses in the event management sector to access various benefits and growth opportunities. By being aware of these common errors and taking proactive measures to avoid them, you can navigate the registration process smoothly and ensure that your event management company reaps the maximum benefits that MSME classification offers.

NIC Code for Wedding Event Management Services

The NIC (National Industrial Classification) code for Wedding Event Management Services is typically categorized under NIC code 56202. This code is used to classify businesses and services related to event planning and management, specifically focusing on weddings and related events. It helps government authorities and organizations to track and categorize businesses for various regulatory and statistical purposes.

How to start an event management business in india?

It may be satisfying to set out on the path of starting a small event management company in India. There are many prospects to establish yourself in this business due to the thriving events sector and the rising need for well-executed experiences. With the help of this manual, you can successfully transform your love for event organizing into a profitable company.

1. Define Your Niche and Services

Begin by identifying your niche within the event management industry. This could range from corporate events and weddings to parties and conferences. Determine the specific services you’ll offer, such as event planning, coordination, design, and execution. Defining your niche will help you stand out and attract the right clientele.

2. Conduct Market Research

Thorough market research is essential to understand your target audience, competitors, and industry trends. Identify the demand for your services in your chosen niche, study your competitors’ offerings, and pinpoint gaps you can fill with your unique approach.

3. Create a Business Plan

Craft a comprehensive business plan outlining your company’s mission, vision, goals, target market, services, pricing structure, and marketing strategies. A well-defined business plan will serve as a roadmap for your company’s growth and success.

4. Legal Formalities and Registration

Register your event management company as a legal entity. Choose a suitable business structure, such as a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability partnership (LLP), or private limited company. Obtain the necessary licenses and permits, including GST registration if your annual turnover exceeds the prescribed limit.

5. Branding and Marketing

Create a strong brand identity that reflects your company’s values and services. Design a professional logo, develop a website, and establish a presence on social media platforms. Leverage online and offline marketing strategies to reach your target audience effectively.

6. Build Your Network

Networking is crucial in the event management industry. Establish connections with vendors, suppliers, venues, and other professionals related to the events sector. A strong network can lead to collaborations and referrals, enhancing your company’s credibility.

7. Develop Service Packages

Design various service packages tailored to different client needs and budgets. Clearly outline the services included in each package and their corresponding prices. This makes it easier for clients to choose the package that suits their requirements.

8. Offer Exceptional Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of a successful event management company. Provide personalized attention to clients, actively listen to their needs, and ensure clear communication throughout the planning process.

9. Team Building

As your business grows, consider building a team of skilled professionals, including event planners, coordinators, designers, and administrative staff. A competent team will enable you to handle multiple projects simultaneously and deliver outstanding results.

10. Execute Events with Excellence

When it comes to execution, attention to detail is key. Coordinate logistics, manage vendors, and oversee every aspect of the event to ensure a seamless and memorable experience for your clients and their guests.

11. Seek Feedback and Refine

After each event, seek feedback from clients to gauge their satisfaction and gather insights for improvement. Continuous refinement of your services based on client feedback will contribute to your company’s growth and reputation.

12. Stay Updated and Innovative

Stay updated with the latest trends and technologies in the event management industry. Embrace innovation and creativity to offer unique and unforgettable event experiences to your clients.

Starting a small event management company in India requires careful planning, dedication, licence & certification and a passion for creating memorable experiences. By following these steps and staying committed to delivering exceptional services, you can build a successful event management business that stands out in the competitive landscape.


Udyam registration is a transformative process that can elevate your event management company’s growth trajectory. From financial assistance to government contracts, the benefits are numerous and substantial. By following our comprehensive guide, you can navigate the Udyam registration process with confidence, ensuring that your business thrives in the competitive landscape.

Apply for MSME Udyam registration certificate for your Transportation business.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can an Event Management Company Agency be Registered as an MSME? 

Yes, an Event Management Company Agency can be registered as an MSME (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises) in India, which offers various benefits and opportunities for growth and development.

What advantages may Event Management Company take from udyam certificate? 

An Event Management Company can benefit from a Udyam certificate by gaining access to financial support, government tenders, subsidies, and concessions, fostering growth and expanding their opportunities in the industry.

What License is Required for an Event Management Company in India?

An event management company in India typically requires business registration, MSME registration certificate (UDYAM) and GST (Goods and Services Tax) registration if its turnover exceeds the prescribed limit. Additionally, specific licenses might be needed based on the nature of events and local regulations.

What Business Category Does an Event Management Agency Fall Under? 

An event management agency typically falls under the “Service Industry” business category, specializing in organizing and coordinating events for various clients and occasions.

Does Event Management  Business Come Under MSME?

Yes, Event Management businesses can come under MSME (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises) classification in India, depending on their investment in plant and machinery or equipment.

Are there any other registrations suitable for the Event Management Company? 

Apart from Udyam registration, event management companies may also require GST registration, Shop Act license and PAN registration for effective tax compliance and business operations.

Is Udyam Registration mandatory for all Event Management businesses? 

Each Event Management Company is required to register with Udyam, which provides multiple benefits to eligible companies. 

Making the wise choice to register your logistics company with Udyam will pave the road for the development and success of your company. Unlock the advantages of MSME registration to investigate government assistance, open new capital options, and strengthen your company’s position in the cutthroat Transport & Logistics industry. Take advantage of the chances that Udyam Registration presents and start along the path to greatness in the field of logistics and transport services.

Make the jump and register yourself as a participant in the transportation sector right away. Join us as we progress toward success and growth. This is your chance to advance your objectives and widen the appeal of your business. Don’t pass up this opportunity to work with us to achieve prosperity.

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