NIC code for mobile shop
NIC code for mobile shop

NIC code for Mobile Shop

Do you want to know the nic code for mobile shop. We have mentioned below the nic code for mobile shop.

NIC Code for a Mobile Shop: 47430

The National Industrial Classification (NIC) Code for a mobile shop is 47430. This code specifically categorizes businesses involved in the retail sale of mobile phones, accessories, and related services. The NIC Code helps in identifying and classifying the nature of the economic activity performed by the mobile shop.

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Having the NIC Code 47430 for a mobile shop ensures that the business is accurately classified under the appropriate industry sector for statistical and analytical purposes. It aids in data collection, analysis, and policy formulation related to the mobile retail industry. Additionally, the NIC Code provides a standardized framework for reporting and benchmarking the performance of mobile shops.

When registering a mobile shop or obtaining licenses, it is often required to mention the NIC Code 47430 to signify the specific nature of the business. This code assists regulatory authorities in identifying and monitoring businesses operating in the mobile retail sector.

It is important for mobile shop owners and entrepreneurs to be aware of the NIC Code 47430 and ensure its accurate usage during registration, licensing, and reporting processes. This code plays a significant role in industry analysis, government policies, and planning initiatives related to the mobile retail sector in India.

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